Welcome to the International sanctioning body for TQ-Midget racing, known as the Three-quarter Midget Racing League or TQMRL. The purpose of the TQMRL is to revive TQ-Midget racing across the US and Canada and eventually throughout the world.

The TQMRL will be governed by a selected board of directors. The board will be comprised of individuals with varied backgrounds in racing, engineering, marketing, journalism, business and finance. The sole purpose of these individuals will be to create an organization that establishes fair rules for fair competition creating an international organization to promote TQ-Midget racing re-establishing it as one of the best forms of racing today.

The TQMRL is now under development; stay tuned to www.TQMRL.com for news and information concerning the progress of the organization. Our web site will expand as new and specific information is available. We look forward to your participation in the TQMRL in the near future.

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